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Driving Defence Barrister


You can now come directly to a Barrister!

I can help you with the following:

Careless Driving
Failure to provide a Specimen
Dangerous Driving
Driving without insurance
Driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs
Exceptional Hardship
Notice of Intended Prosecution
Failure to Furnish
Mobile phone offences

Get EXPERT ROAD TRAFFIC ADVICE and legal representation for driving cases direct from a Barrister.

You can now instruct a Barrister in road traffic law without having to come via a solicitor.

This direct access means that you are likely to SAVE MONEY and get a more personalised service.

Fees are agreed before work starts so you don’t have to worry about totting up fees as well as points!

Charged With A Driving Offence?

You can email me or call me on 07812 571310 for a free initial consultation.

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